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In 2023, Summerlin Jail Consulting, LLC (SJC) was created to help government agencies improve their jail operations and/or add a new facility to their jail system.  As your primary jail consultant, or as a subcontractor on your consultant team, SJC can help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety and security, and optimize operations within your jail system. 


When contemplating, planning, and/or designing a new jail facility, SJC can also provide insightful guidance throughout all phases of your capital improvement project.  It is well known that the initial jail construction costs can pale in comparison to the long-term operational, legal, and human costs of a poorly designed jail facility.

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Greg Summerlin - Jail Consultant

Jail Consultant Greg Summerlin

Summerlin Jail Consulting is led by Mr. Greg Summerlin, a former jailer, peace officer, and senior-level correctional manager (retired Major) for the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Houston, Texas (see below).  With thirty years of experience in large-scale county jail operations, Mr. Summerlin's extensive knowledge and expertise can be invaluable to government agencies seeking to improve their jail operations.  To that end, Summerlin Jail Consulting can provide strategic guidance to help facilitate needed changes and reforms, which could also include ways to modernize operations using new technology and software. The list of services provided by Summerlin Jail Consulting includes, but is not limited to, detailed reviews, analysis, and improvement recommendations in the following jail areas:


  • Organizational Structure / Org. Charts

  • Staffing Plans

    • New Jail Facilities Your new jail must meet your needs, fit your budget, and be affordable to staff and operate.  To that end, an efficient jail design can save millions of taxpayer dollars.  A well-designed jail can also help reduce jail incidents (e.g. suicides, assaults, vandalism), allowing jail staff to proactively prevent adverse events instead of just responding to the scene after they occur.

    • Existing Facilities - By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in current jail operations, we can develop and implement a new staffing plan to help reduce costs and enhance facility security.

  • Staff Management and Utilization Strategies to Maximize Existing Staff

  • Budget Compliance

  • Safety and Security

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Use of Force

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Inmate Behavior Management

  • Contraband Prevention and Interdiction

  • Reducing Inmate-on-Inmate Violence

  • Post-Incident Reviews

  • Intake, Booking, and Release Processing

  • Property Processing and Storage (Cash, Valuable, Bulk, and Clothing)

  • Classification and Housing Scheme

  • Inmate Transfers and Logistics

  • Disciplinary and Grievance

  • Support Services

  • Inmate Programs

  • Fire and Life Safety

  • TCJS Rule Compliance; Pre-inspection Review

  • Efficiency Review - Optimizing Jail Operations

  • Capital Improvement - New Jail Planning and Design

Mr. Summerlin has practical experience, from an end-user's perspective, in planning, designing, transitioning, and opening a new, large-scale inmate processing and housing jail facility (utilizing proactive Open Booking and Direct Supervision).  Prior to his HCSO retirement, Mr. Summerlin was involved in almost every phase of the Harris County Joint Processing Center (JPC) Project, to include the initial needs assessment, site planning, data analysis, future process flows, facility space program (square footage), conceptual layouts, creation of the staffing plan, RFP and RFQ reviews, TCJS code reviews, stakeholder workshops, security system review, detention key scheme, room labeling scheme, product reviews, FF&E plan, fire/life safety plan, evacuation plans, project presentations, traffic plan review, parking plan, and provided detailed input throughout the Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents phases of the JPC Project.  Mr. Summerlin and his team spearheaded the HCSO transition plans, transition meetings, training sessions, deployment plans, and provided the go-live oversight that was critical to the successful opening of the JPC.  For more information on the JPC Project, please click on this link: Harris County JPC | Harris County Joint Processing Center Project, JPC, HCJPC. Mr. Summerlin can also be hired to give an in-person, interactive JPC Project presentation to clients interested in adding JPC design and operational innovations into their future capital improvement plans. 

What makes hiring SJC so beneficial?  Utilizing a needs-based, data-driven approach, Mr. Summerlin can combine his practical experience in managing large-scale jail operations with his knowledge of jail planning and design to provide clients with invaluable, detailed guidance throughout their capital improvement jail project - all at a truly affordable rate.  Let his knowledge and experience work for you!

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About Greg Summerlin

Greg Summerlin served as a civilian jailer, peace officer, and senior-level correctional manager (Major) for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (Houston), the third largest Sheriff’s Office in the United States.


From 1989 to 2019, Mr. Summerlin gained extensive experience working inside the Harris County Jail, serving at the ranks of Civilian Jailer (1 year), Deputy (3 years), Sergeant (7 years), Lieutenant (4 years), Captain (12 years), and Major (3 years).  Throughout his HCSO career, Mr. Summerlin served in leadership roles and supervised numerous Detention Commands, to include Intake, Booking, Releasing, AFIS, Housing, Courts, Classification, Inmate Records, Bonding, Disciplinary, Grievance, Compliance, Fire & Life Safety, Administrative Services, Special Projects, and Capital Improvement.  Mr. Summerlin helped lead the HCSO effort to improve Harris County Jail operations through the integration of modern technology and a new Jail Management System (JMS).  Under Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Mr. Summerlin was also instrumental in implementing court-ordered misdemeanor bail reform in Harris County Jail operations.  As a Major, Mr. Summerlin led the HCSO Joint Processing Center (JPC) Planning, Design, Transition, and Operational teams, and was the JPC Bureau Commander when the new facility opened in February 2019.  On September 30, 2019, after thirty years of service, Mr. Summerlin retired from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.  That week, the Harris County Jail passed TCJS inspection.

Throughout his distinguished HCSO career, Mr. Summerlin received three Unit Citations, a Processional Service Award, and was a recipient of The 100 Club’s 2016 "Officer of the Year" Award for his contributions to the Harris County Joint Processing Center Project. 

Greg Summerlin has an AAS Degree in Criminal Justice, graduated from the HCSO Peace Officer Academy (B3-90), and has successfully completed over 2,000 training hours in AJA, ACA, CMIT, TCOLE and/or NIC recognized courses, to include Jail Administration, Senior Level Corrections Leadership Development, and Planning of New Institutions. While employed by the Sheriff's Office, Mr. Summerlin had a Master Jailer License and a Master Peace Officer License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). 

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Greg Summerlin - former jailer, peace officer, and senior-level correctional manager for the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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Summerlin Jail Consulting, LLC

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